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Porsche 935 - €1,300,000 NET
£1,153,074.14 (€1,300,000.00)($1,578,589.63)
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BUGATTI is characterised by its unusual blend of sportiness and elegance, sophistication and a refusal to compromise, history and modernity, as well as constant progression. Founded in 1909 by the pioneering Ettore Bugatti, the company looks back on a long history almost unmatched by any other luxury brand. This history continues to serve as inspiration for a company that follows its founder’s spirit.

The limited-edition CHIRON SPORT “110 ANS BUGATTI” ushers in the celebration of BUGATTI’s incomparable 110-year history.

Every detail of the CHIRON SPORT “110 ANS BUGATTI” is a modern interpretation of technical excellence and the iconic elegance of historic automobiles, as well as an homage to BUGATTI’s heritage and its home in Molsheim, France.