Porsche 911 Carrera RS Recreation 1977

- Recreated into Carrera RS 1973
- Porsche Geburtsurkunde
- Rich in documentation
- 3.2 litre 6-cylinder
- Very clean condition

Porsche initially planned to produce only 500 examples to homologate the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 as a Group 4 Special GT car. It became a track car with registration plates that customers could also race. The new model was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on 5 October 1972. By the end of November, all 500 cars had been sold. Porsche was somewhat surprised by this success, so immediately tripled its sales from July 1973. A total of 1,580 were built, of which 200 were available with the optional equipment package M471, a lightweight version. In addition, 55 racing versions, 17 base cars and 1,308 wagons (M472) were produced. The Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was homologated in groups 3 and 4 after the 1,000th car produced.

This is a restored 1976 (model year 77) 911 which has been built back to a 1973 Carrera RS model year in great detail. The restoration is based on a damage-free base from California, USA.

The original colour of the base model was 'hellgelb'. The current colour is 'signal-gelb' which was delivered in model year 1973 for the Carrera RS. The car was completely dismantled for the restoration except for the main wiring. In the rear wings, the original, Porsche parts originated, RS widening has been welded in. With the right curve. The front wings are the original ones, adapted to the F model. The boot lid is an old original Porsche lid. The front lock plate is replaced by an F model lock plate and finished in the corners as original. The bonnet has been replaced with a 3 kg carbon/kevlar "ducktail". The rear bumper is of the same material and also weighs 3 kg. The ducktail also features a 1973 bonnet grille. Next to this, the front bumper is made of polyester. All custom parts are of very high quality with the right fit. Before painting, all old paint was removed from the outside.

The dashboard has been modified by a 1973 F model long steering column with the corresponding indicator levers. Also fitted with a Carrera RS steering wheel. The centre section of the Dashboard is also from that model year.
All clocks are as from the year 1973, excluding the speedometer because of the electronic gearbox indicator, which at the time was still via cable. The bodywork is also exactly as from a 1973 Carrera except for both battery boxes. At the time, these were 2 pieces, left and right, both 6 volts. So now another one of 12 volts.

When it comes to the chassis, all parts were either repainted or cleaned in detail. All bearings and most suspension rubbers have been renewed. On the rear axle, 26 mm rear springs have been fitted instead of 23 mm. A stabiliser bar from a Porsche 930 turbo has been fitted at the rear. The front axle now has the steering rods with joints from also a 930 turbo. The steering rack has been disassembled, checked and fitted with new grease.
New green gas-filled Bilstein shock absorbers (complete struts) fitted.

The engine block is as a base a 3-litre SC engine. This has been completely rebuilt with a new oil pump, new distribution incl all gears. Apart from this, things like:
- Connecting rods have been overhauled. As well as the rocker arms and rocker shafts.
- Hydraulic chain tensioners fitted.
- Crankshaft was fitted with magnaflux and balanced.
- New flywheel with new clutch and pressure group.
- New Mahle set of pistons and bushings with 1:10.3 compression ratio, with enlarged bore from 95 to 98 mm giving a capacity of 3.2 litres. The cylinder heads have been overhauled with new guides and new valves and exhaust studs
- New Carrera camshafts. New pmo throttlebodies 46 mm (USA)
- New SSI stainless steel exhaust manifolds fitted.
- Electronic engine management from KMS with Bosch injectors, lambda sensor, bdp sensor, throttle valve sensor, air and oil temperature sensor and a map sensor.
- Original air filter housing from a Carrera RS. New fuel pump.
- Oil dry sump tank has been professionally cleaned.
- Car has been fitted with an external standard oil cooler.
- All brake hoses overhauled. New brake lines. Staalflex brake hoses. New brake discs.

The Porsche is fitted with 15-inch Fuchs rims. These rims have been restored and anodised to original RS specifications by a specialist company in Germany. The pedal housing is still completely overhauled along with all joints. The engine block is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. This gearbox is a type 915 taken from a 1986 European 911, which is fitted with an oil cooler. The drive shafts are new.

The engine produces an impressive 270hp and 310 NM of torque. The engine has already been run in, runs well and shifts smoothly.

In terms of documentation, various papers are present including the Porsche Geburtsurkunde, along with numerous invoices, inspections, registration papers, and more. Looking at the invoices, this beautiful German sports car has certainly not been skimped on!

A special Porsche with a special story.

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