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1954 Porsche 356 pre A...

£283,390.14 (€319,500.00)($387,968.76)
Somethings used to definitely be better. The eye-pleasing design of this lovely Porsche 356 pre A Knickscheibe convertible for one. With only a production run of 143 cars it is a very rare sight. This car was first let loose on the road in 1954 and has made the world a little bit prettier ever since.
  • 9784 Km
  • Year Built 1954

1971 Porsche 911 2.2 S

£146,307.37 (€164,950.00)($200,298.74)
Thanks to its 130PS (128 bhp) strong, 5-speed gearbox, it is a true feast to drive this 911. Two years ago the car was fully restored and mechanically overhauled in Holland.
  • 99992 Km
  • Year Built 1971

1962 Porsche 356B

£102,002.71 (€115,000.00)($139,644.47)
This Porsche 356B does just look good, it also happens to have matching numbers. The interior trim was also completely re-upholstered. Cost nor effort was spared in bringing this Porsche 356B up to a better condition than it was when it initially left the factory in 1962. The final result is blindingly stunning!
  • 1209 Km
  • Year Built 1962

1964 Porsche 356C

£94,906.87 (€107,000.00)($129,930.07)
We are extremely happy to be able to offer you this fantastic and very desirable 1964 Porsche 356 C. This was the last model before Porsche introduced the 911. This 356 has disc brakes on all four wheels, a sturdier stabiliser rod, modified hubs,...
  • Year Built 1964

1968 Porsche 912 Targa SWB

£88,476.27 (€99,750.00)($121,126.40)
We have a completely restored and overhauled, very rare Porsche 912 short wheel base, soft window Targa. The Porsche 912 was introduced in 1965 as a cheaper alternative to the flagship 911. After the introduction of the 911 Porsche realised there was an enormous gap between it and the 356.
  • 30711 Km
  • Year Built 1968

1973 Porsche 911 2.4T

£82,045.66 (€92,500.00)($112,322.72)
This car’s condition can only be described as impeccable. The lovely bodywork has perfect and correctly aligned panelwork. The Bahia Rot finish has been re-applied for cosmetic reasons only and is in very good shape.
  • 43753 Km
  • Year Built 1973

1974 Porsche 911E Targa...

£79,783.86 (€89,950.00)($109,226.26)
This Porsche 911E Targa “Sportomatic” hit the road in 1974 for the first time. The “E” in 911E stands for “Einspritzer”, fuel injection. At the time it was a mid-range 911 engine option. The car’s birth certificate shows us this 911 still has its matching numbers, original engine.
  • 204796 Km
  • Year Built 1974

1970 Porsche 911 2.2 T

£74,949.82 (€84,500.00)($102,608.33)
Gorgeous 1970 Porsche 911 2.2 T on offer. A few years ago this lovely example was fully restored and mechanically rebuilt. This 911 has been certified by Porsche and has retained its original, matching numbers, 2.2 T engine. A super Porsche, lovely...
  • 11111 Km
  • Year Built 1970

1973 Porsche 911 2.4 T

£69,627.94 (€78,500.00)($95,322.53)
Stunning Porsche 911 2.4 T with sunroof from 1973. Original from New Jersey, USA. A few years ago this Porsche has been fully restored and technically completely overhauled. Of course well documented with a photo report and a countless amount of invoices.
  • 46393 Km
  • Year Built 1973

1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera...

£41,643.72 (€46,950.00)($57,011.37)
This very nice Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera convertible was supplied from new by the Californian, Garden Grove Porsche dealer on the 15th May 1984. It has had three owners and has 114,458 on the clock. This Porsche has always been extremely well maintained.
  • 114458 Km
  • Year Built 1984

1986 Porsche 944

£39,869.76 (€44,950.00)($54,582.77)
This 944 not only looks new it is actually pristine. The paintwork is pristine. The original bodywork has that level of perfection only achieved when the car is first manufactured. Of course the panels are beautifully thin and correctly aligned. Even when closing the door, it all feels new.
  • 4856 Km
  • Year Built 1986

2004 Porsche 911 996 3.6 Coupe...

£31,487.79 (€35,500.00)($43,107.64)
We have a very nice 2004 Porsche 996 Carrera 4 with a tiptronic automatic. It is a Swiss sourced car that, as the Swiss become, has always been looked after in meticulous fashion. Over the last 16 years this 911 has only clocked up some 119,137 km, which is positively reflected in the car’s condition.
  • 119197 Km
  • Year Built 2004

1976 Porsche 914 2.0

£30,600.81 (€34,500.00)($41,893.34)
Thanks to the exceptionally warm and dry climatic Californian conditions this car is still as original as they come. Inspection underneath the car shows no signs of accidental damage and remains very sound. It has been re-sprayed in the original colour due to cosmetic reasons only.
  • 94563 Km
  • Year Built 1976

1975 Porsche 914 2.0

£27,939.87 (€31,500.00)($38,250.44)
The 914 has always been a car for enthusiasts and this one is no different. The car has always been perfectly maintained and looked after. The fine bodywork has nice and thin, correctly aligned panel work. It has “Bahia Rot” finish that has had a cosmetic re-spray.
  • 42804 Km
  • Year Built 1975

1975 Porsche 914 1.8 - New...

£23,017.13 (€25,950.00)($31,511.08)
It will come as no surprise to you that this car drives like a new Porsche 914. The engine is eagerly hungry on the gas and enjoys being extended to the higher revs. The roof and windows close perfectly, so leaving the car outside in a rain shower is no problem at all.
  • 42921 Km
  • Year Built 1975