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1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Sport...

£49,995.00 ($63,272.77)(€55,643.99)
This wonderful Guards Red 911 Carrera Cabriolet is presented in immaculate condition both inside and out. Originally supplied by Isaac Agnew Ltd Porsche, our car is complete with its excellent service history book, and a file with its works invoices, MOT and tax disc history.
  • 90895 Km
  • Year Built 1989

2004 Porsche 911 (996) Turbo...

£49,995.00 ($63,272.77)(€55,643.99)
Presented in probably the very best colour combination, this vehicle was the 6th incarnation of the famous 911 Turbo. Available as a Turbo Cabriolet for the first time in nearly 15 years, this model created a great deal of excitement with Porsche’s fans.
  • 58258 Km
  • Year Built 2004

2004 Porsche 911 (996) Turbo...

£49,995.00 ($63,272.77)(€55,643.99)
Presented in a desirable colour combination, our vehicle has a low mileage, and is presented in excellent condition. This Porsche was the 6th incarnation of the famous 911 Turbo.
  • 60318 Km
  • Year Built 2004

1985 Porsche 911

£49,985.00 ($63,260.12)(€55,632.86)
This beautiful 911 is finished in Grand Prix White and complemented with Burgundy Pin Stripe Leather and velour seats and colour coded interior. Retired hospital Consultants car which has ben maintained regardless of cost. Stainless steel sports exhaust with wonderful sports note. Polished steel...
  • 159325 Km
  • Year Built 1985

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

£44,834.15 ($56,741.29)(€49,900.00)
This matching numbers 1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible is in very good condition overall. This 911 was partially restored by a known Porsche specialist in Germany. Of course undercarriage and body show absolutely no rust. The 3.2 flat six engine runs smooth & performs to its full potential....
  • Year Built 1986
  • 3200 Engine

1996 Porsche 911 993

£44,474.75 ($56,286.45)(€49,500.00)
Wonderful 1996 Porsche 911 Carrera 2. The same person has owned it for the last 9 years. The car here is the preferred manual version with sunroof. The bodywork is in great condition with respect to the finish and panel fittings. It has the original underbody in an uncorroded state. This Porsche...
  • Year Built 1996

1975 Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera

£39,112.44 ($49,500.00)(€43,531.79)
Original 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe with Matching Numbers This 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe is a good original matching numbers car that's been sitting in storage for the last 15 years. Black with an original red leather interior. It's not currently running and needs paint at this...
  • Year Built 1975

1971 Porsche 911T

£39,112.44 ($49,500.00)(€43,531.79)
This 1971 Porsche 911T Coupe is a very original one owner car from new with 80k original miles. Blue with black interior. It's a matching numbers car with factory air conditioning. It also comes accompanied by service books, owners manual, tool kit, jack, spare tire, and extensive service records....
  • Year Built 1971

1973 Porsche 911T

£39,112.44 ($49,500.00)(€43,531.79)
This 1973 911T Coupe is a matching numbers car. Burgundy with black interior. It has an electronic fuel injection installed currently but it a CIS car with all original parts included. It's a presentable driver. An intelligent buy at only $49,500
  • Year Built 1973

1977 Porsche 2700 Coupe

£44,025.51 ($55,717.90)(€49,000.00)
Very nice original car, never restored, always beautifully maintained and preserved, all the interior are first factory equipment still in very nice condition, including the carpets and the headlining, perfect dashboard and details.
  • 116000 Km
  • Year Built 1977

1967 Porsche 912

£43,980.59 ($55,661.04)(€48,950.00)
Nice 1967 Porsche 912 SWB. This short wheelbase 912 has a Porsche body and not the usual Karmann one. It has had 3 owners and has been kept in Holland for the last 27 years. In the past the car has been thoroughly restored and is in a really good state. The nice bodywork is rust free. All the body...
  • Year Built 1967

1967 Porsche 912 SWB (Restoration...

£43,576.27 ($55,149.35)(€48,500.00)
Porsche 912 SWB with sunroof. Sold new to Mr. M. Gettins on the 9th January 1967 by Wester Motors Inc. This short wheel based 912 has good bodywork, no rust and good fitting body-panels. The 912 is finished in ‘Irisch Grun’ with black leather/Pepita trim and exclusive, rare, sports seats.
  • 34575 Km
  • Year Built 1967

1999 Porsche 996 GT3 Series 1

£48,000.00 ($60,747.94)(€53,423.57)
The Porsche 996 was an all-new design made by Harm Lagaay – the first new 911 that didn’t carry over a significant component from a previous variant. All the bodywork, interior and drive-train were new, including the first water-cooled engine in a 911. The first 996s were available as a...
  • Year Built 1999

1980 Porsche 911 SC Targa

£37,923.26 ($47,995.00)(€42,208.25)
This 1980 Porsche 911 SC has everything you like about the legend – bright paint, targa top, and the a freshly rebuilt 3.0-liter flat-six under the rear hatch. And when you add in all the right bold upgrades, too, you realize this is the pretty Porsche of your dreams. The...
  • 114094 Km
  • Year Built 1980
  • 3 Engine

1972 Porsche 911T

£37,532.14 ($47,500.00)(€41,772.93)
​Extremely Desirable 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe with Matching NumbersThis 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe is an excellent original matching numbers car for straightforward restoration. 1972 was a highly collectible year for the 911. Original aubergine with black interior and offered in highly...
  • Year Built 1972

1991 Porsche 964 Convertible

£42,677.79 ($54,012.25)(€47,500.00)
Nice 1991 Porsche 964 convertible. Supplied by Snyder`s Porsche of Greenville, South Carolina on the 9th April 1991. This 964 is in a very authentic condition with 119,479 miles on the clock. The front seats have been replaced and the car has had a re-spray in its original colour in the past.
  • 119479 Km
  • Year Built 1991

2008 Porsche 911 Carrera S

£37,532.14 ($47,500.00)(€41,772.93)
Client Advisor - Don't miss out on this excellent 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet! With only 33,129 miles. This Porsche is in fantastic condition and is well equipped with options that include: Red Porsche Calipers, Black Full Leather, Power seat package, Tiptronic S transmission, Self-dimming...
  • 53316 Km
  • Year Built 2008
  • 3800 Engine

1973 Porsche 911T

£36,741.99 ($46,500.00)(€40,893.50)
​This 1973 Porsche 911T Coupe is a good original matching numbers car in need of easy recommissioning. Black with black interior. It's been sitting for a long time and is not currently running but is overall solid. Recaro seats and carrera tail installed. It also has air conditioning. A very...
  • Year Built 1973

1980 Porsche 911 Targa 3.0

£41,240.23 ($52,192.89)(€45,900.00)
This Matching numbers 1980 Porsche 3.0 SC Targa is in extraordinary condition. This 3.0 Super Carrera was fully restored in 2012. Restauration documentation, pictures and receipts on request. Since the restauration this car was hardly driven which explains its wonderful state.
  • Year Built 1980

1965 Porsche 912

£45,000.00 ($56,951.19)(€50,084.60)
One of the first 1965 Porsche 912’s in Champagne Yellow 6405 with Black Leatherette Interior. Production date 16/07/1965 912 Karmann Coupe, according to the certificate of authenticity this is an all matching numbers car. The first 912's had painted dashboards the same colour as the exterior of...
  • Year Built 1965

1976 Porsche 911S

£45,000.00 ($56,951.19)(€50,084.60)
Model Designation 911S 2.7L Coupe This 1976 911S This is a very nice, clean driver. The interior seats and carpets all renewed, within the last year. The paint is in good original condition. There is no rust, in on or around this car. It drives great. - Light yellow/tan - 64,000K miles - optional...
  • Year Built 1976
  • 2700 Engine

2012 Porsche Panamera 3.0 Diesel

£40,431.59 ($51,169.50)(€45,000.00)
The car is in perfect condition. All reviews made at home Porsche. Book of revisions. We give you 12 months warranty.
  • 134000 Km
  • Year Built 2012

1983 Porsche 911

£35,552.81 ($44,995.00)(€39,569.96)
Specialty cars like this don't come along very often, and when they do, you usually expect to pay six figures. So this 1983 Porsche 911 convertible with the distinct Strosek widebody kit and 930 turbo motor is that perfect loaded, custom, and speedy head-turner you've been...
  • 79498 Km
  • Year Built 1983
  • 3 Engine

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Targa

£44,950.00 ($56,887.91)(€50,028.95)
1985 Porsche 911, 3.2 Carrera Targa finished in Guards Red with black pinstripe interior.
  • Year Built 1985

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