Porsche 911R Recreation 1967

- Detailed 911R replica with rally chassis
- 160 hp 2.0 liter 6-cylinder boxer and only 970 kg weight
- AP Competition clutch, aluminum 911 gearbox and 50% ZF limited slip differential
- FIA certified roll cage
- Weber 40 IDA carburetors, K&N filters, Turbo track rod ends & hydraulic handbrake

A very uniquely built Porsche. That is how the car we offer may be seen. The car began life in 1968 as a 912. It was imported from the United States and imported to England. Here a complete restoration took place. The car was completely stripped, after which all the seams of the body were welded through for extra strength. The car was then rebuilt by a professional company as a rally version and fitted with a rebuilt 1968 aluminum 2.0 S engine (type 901/02).

Since 2012, the Porsche has been registered on Dutch license plates. It is currently owned by a Dutch Porsche collector, R Gruppe member and former editor of the Porsche RS magazine. The car is finished in a beautiful "Light Ivory" paint. It is estimated that over 1,000 hours of labor have been performed and €100,000 invested in it. The engine is equipped with 2 Weber carburetors and 2 K&N filters. The flywheel has been replaced for a lightweight flywheel and the clutch is an AP Competition clutch. The 911 gearbox is aluminum and has 5 short gears, reinforced side plates and Teddy Bear bearings. The Porsche also features a hydraulic handbrake. The doors, front and tailgate are made of polyester and the rear and side windows are made of lexan. Inside the car, you are surrounded by a fully FIA-certified and through-welded roll cage construction. You sit safely and sportily in the OMP racing bucket seats with 5-point belts, with a Momo racing steering wheel attached. At the bottom of the car there are 15-inch Competition Racing M2 rims. In addition to this, the car also features precious and expensive parts and components such as:

- Bilstein shock absorbers
- 911S ATE front brakes
- Turbo track rod ends
- 50% ZF limited slip differential
- Bremax wiring harness
- Brantz Tripmaster
- 4 Cibie headlights
- Oil pressure and oil temperature gauge

The car has driven only 6000 kilometers since the complete rebuild and can therefore be considered 'like new'. The entire restoration is documented with photos. In terms of documentation, various invoices, historical papers, technical documentation, inspections, registration papers and manuals are also present. The car can be used as a rally car but can also easily be converted back to a 911R replica by lowering the chassis, fitting Fuchs wheels and changing the interior with different seats. A unique opportunity for unprecedented adventures!

Below is general information about the Porsche 911R
The Porsche 911R is a legendary sports car first introduced in 1967. The model was developed as a lighter, more powerful version of the iconic Porsche 911. Featuring a 2.0-liter six-cylinder engine derived from race cars, mated to a manual transmission. Only 20 examples were originally built to meet racing homologation requirements.
The 911R became famous for its pure driving experience, excellent agility and minimalist design. Over the years, the model earned its place as one of the most sought-after collectibles for Porsche enthusiasts due to its rarity and historical value. In more recent times, as a tribute to its heritage, Porsche has re-released the 911R in limited numbers, combining modern technologies and performance with a touch of nostalgia.

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